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Improvement and normalization of the general well-being of the patient with interstitial pneumonia occurs only in 75% of cases, the remaining 35% of patients have a 10-year survival rate. In the case of desquamative pneumonia, improvement occurs in 2/3 of cases, 5-year survival is observed in 93%, and 10-year survival in 69%.

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You can get rid of RB-ILD by completely giving up cigarettes; in certain cases, progression of the disease with subsequent relapses may be observed. Patients are systematically vaccinated against influenza and pneumococcal infection.

Due to the advanced stage of the disease and with improper treatment of the pathology, against the background of interstitial pneumonia in adults and children, dangerous consequences appear that can be life-threatening. The most common consequences include: Fibrosis – changes in gas exchange occur, irreversible sclerotic processes are observed in the affected area. Respiratory failure Heart failure.

In addition, a bacterial infection may be added to pneumonia, and at a late stage of inflammation, a serious pathology such as lung cancer may occur. There are several forms of interstitial pneumonia. Additional Information. Smoking is the main cause of respiratory bronchiolitis and desquamative pneumonia. Interstitial pneumonia in children and adults is a rare phenomenon, so it has not been thoroughly studied by specialists. The disease can manifest itself as a result of changes in homeostasis on the part of the immune system, and the provoking factor is an antigen, for which the body produces certain antibodies.


  • Pneumonia occurs under the influence of infectious agents, as well as certain types of dust.
  • In addition, smokers, people who quit smoking, and people with AIDS or HIV are prone to the disease.
  • Lymphoid pneumonia can be caused by immunopathies or autoimmune diseases. The peculiarity of the inflammatory process in interstitial pneumonia is that it is non-infectious in nature.

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Most often, the connective tissue of capoten pills and the walls of the alveoli are destroyed, in which fluid can re-emerge.

This type of pneumonia is marked by primary inflammation of the interstitial tissue with the accumulation of cells in it that are immunocomponent. It is these cells that contribute to the release of a damaging mediator at the initial stage of the disease. Fibriogenic factors provoke fibroproliferative reactions at the last stage.

Symptoms of interstitial pneumonia.

In the initial stage of the disease, the following symptoms are expressed. Febrile fever Significant shortness of captopril Cough with little sputum and bloody streaks. When listening, harsh breathing is felt, but there is no wheezing. In most cases, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, arthralgia, myalgia, acute headache are manifested, and sometimes kidney or liver damage is observed. Each form of interstitial pneumonia has different symptoms.


Lymphoid pneumonia - shortness of breath, non-productive cough, fever, increased sweating, weight loss. Cryptogenic pNeumonia - cough, fever, fatigue. Desquamative pneumonia - gradual onset of cough, loss of appetite, heavy breathing. Idiopathic pneumonia - shortness of breath, cough that does not disappear after taking antitussives, and when listening, crackling and noise are felt. Acute pneumonia – pain in joints and muscles, high temperature, respiratory failure. Nonspecific pneumonia - increasing cough, weight loss, shortness of breath, constant fatigue.


Features of the disease in children. Interstitial pneumonia in children implies an inflammatory process of the connecting areas of the lung and the likelihood of subsequent involvement of bronchioles and alveoli. Viruses and mycoplasmas are the causative agents of the disease. Pneumonia often begins with the manifestation of slight shortness of breath, and not with catarrhal symptoms. Pneumonia occurs in severe form in children, since the high temperature can persist for more than 10 days. This condition helps to buy captopril online blood pressure, arrhythmia, heart failure occurs, shortness of breath and cyanosis appear, which rapidly develop.






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